Case Study

Case Study is a theoretical, problem-solving challenge that requires the analysis, research, deliberation, testing and presentation of a solution for a current economical, legal or social problem, within a limited amount of time, which requires restricted resources, such as time and money. A potential solution can be achieved by the competitors during debating inside the team and based on already acquired knowledge at university, as well as their previous experience. Participants can also get information about the topic on the internet. After the presentation of potential solutions, they are evaluated by expert jury.

Examples of Case Study topics:

  • The solution to reducing pollution in a specific area;
  • Improve the manufacturing process of a product, aspects of the promotion of a product placed on the market, consideration and a reference to the factors (human resources – motivation, production technology, logistics …) that affect the business of the companies, etc;
  • System deployment with limited time and resources.