What is EBEC Nis?

European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the largest European engineering competition made by students for students. EBEC Nis is a local round of this competition held in Niš, Serbia. Participants get to compete in teams of 4 in two categories, Innovative Design and Case Study. 

Key points of success are good communication between team members, creativity and ingenuity. Put yourself and your skills to the test for a chance to gain important practical experiences, win some prizes and to go to our regional round.


Innovative Design

Your team has to create a new technological design or improve upon an existing one. 

Case Study

Your team has to create a theoretical solution to a problem based on an economical, logistical, engineering or corporate topic, and then you have to present and defend your solution.

Why should you apply?

Challenge yourself and push your limits while improving your teamwork and communication skills. Be the best and sharpen your skills, be competitive, but most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself!

Apply now and find out the beauty of EBEC, we guarantee you will love it!




From 25th to 27th February 2022.

About BEST Nis

Local BEST group Nis (LBG Nis) is a member of a
huge network of over 90 local BEST groups from
universities all over Europe.
We strive to help students develop their
potentials and to become more
internationally minded.
Our members have an opportunity to improve
themselves through working and participating
in numerous projects we organize. From FR, PR, HR and IT our sectors provide much
needed experience practical and soft skills
for students.
We organize academic courses and many other
events all over Europe which gives students
an ability to travel and meet new cultures
at minimal cost.

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