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Competition Proposal


Everyone can apply! Individual and team registrations are possible (2, 3 or 4 people). The team must consist of 4 members and each member must be a student of the University of Nis. If there are more individual or team entries of 2 or 3 people, BEST Nis will do everything to unite people in teams and make an effort to ensure participation in the competition to each person who applies. The preselection round will take place in February, where the teams that pass get points for further rounds.


The task will be revealed to the teams at the very beginning of the competition, and you will have 15 minutes to present your solutions at the end of the competition.


The competition lasts 24 hours. The participants can, within that deadline, organise their time and assignments regarding the development of the projects. It is the participants responsibility to provide computers to work on, as well as an internet connection. Private discord workrooms will be provided by the organizers.


The jury, which consists of professors and experts, will evaluate the qualities of each solution individually and make the final decision on the best solution. The evaluation will be performed on the basis of pre-determined criteria.



15:30 – Official Opening

16:00 – Presentation – A1

16:30 – Presentation – Siemens

17:00 – Presentation – Tigar Tyres

17:30 – Presentation – IMI

18:00 – Presentation – Leoni

18:30 – Presentation – Johnson electric

19:15 – Project explanation

19:30 – Begining of work on projects

21:30 – ID and CS project presentation

22:30 – Judges review the projects

23:30 – Closing


12:00 – Opening

12:30 – Project explanation

13:00 – Begining of work on projects

15:00 – Questions for Topic Responsible

17:00 – Questions for Topic Responsible

19:00 – Questions for Topic Responsible

21:00 – Questions for Topic Responsible


10:00 – Questions for Topic Responsible

13:00 – End of work on projects

13:10 – ID and CS project presentation

15:30 – Judges review the projects

16:30 – Official Closing

Applications are open!